Residents Association Minutes – 8th January 2019

Minutes of the meeting held on 8th January at 7.30pm at the Massey Ferguson Social Club.

Present: Gary Ridley, Peter Male, Mark Deven, Nick Johnson, Sandy Rothnie, Stuart Bottomley, Atenea, Phil Richardson, Alvin Russell, Chris Hocking, Stuart Macneill.

Apologies: Graham Harper, Julia Lepoidevan, Marek Kurowski, Caroline Mackinnon.

Minutes of last meeting: Approved.

BRA Update inc. petition for Council adoption.

We expect a 6 month wait for response to petition.

Police Update

We discussed the concerning story of a Bannerbrook resident’s house being broken into at front and back while they were home.

At the last police meeting in November, crime figures were one of the best in Coventry with 25 burglaries, 21 criminal damage and 2 robberies in Woodlands ward.

Regarding the spurious Telegraph article about dangerous roads in Coventry, this was also discussed at the meeting and Police do not know where figures for Telegraph article came from.

We agreed to not contact the Telegraph again over the article in order to not give unhelpful extra attention to the original article.

Bannerwatch Update website now launched with articles, security advice etc. as a free resource. Bannerwatch on Facebook is now full at 250 people.

On New Years’ Eve, a robbery and vandalism incident were discussed. A new app for Bannerwatch is being considered.

Planning Update inc. Woodlands/ Woodfield Development

No news on the school site on Bannerbrook.

Development of Woodlands site depends on sale of Woodfield’s other properties and land.

We were also reminded that a planning application has now been submitted for 3300 ish houses in Eastern Green.

BAG Update inc. parking ticket company update 

Alvin might be able to access name of private company that is policing        the car parking spaces outside the shops at Gramercy Park.

Events past and present: Lantern Walk 9th Dec.

The Lantern Walk was a good event, we made around 90 lanterns and around 70 came on the walk. No profit was made at the event but we agreed to send half of proceeds, £80.75 to Coventry Open Christmas.

The next events are the Easter Egg Hunt (usually the Saturday before Easter).

Following this, Bannerfest 2019. Jennie might not be up for organising it this time, so we may need to find new volunteers. Phil to chat to Jennie about organising B’fest.

We have received a donation certificate from the Lily Mae Foundation- Nick to put on the website.

Any Other Business (AOB)

Nick updated that we are expecting everyone on the north side of estate to have fibre to premises by end of March 2019.

Mark Devan to write tutorial for fixing BT modem/ router to Nick for publishing on the website.

Mark Devan gave a treasurer’s update. Phil Richardson and Mark Devan are now signatories on the account. Mark gave an itemised income and outgoing set of accounts for 2018.

Mark Devan to organise a working party for space between the park and fields at the end of the estate, including litter picking and gardening.

Geoffrey Robinson MP is supporting a bill to cap maintenance charges which is being read for a second time in parliament on 25th January. Update: delayed until 22nd March 2019.

The new Bannerbrook Park entrance sign at the end of Astoria Drive have been delayed.

Date of next meeting is 12th March 2019.

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