Finally Some Good News

It would appear after many years of pushing Persimmon Homes, we are very close to getting the entire estate adopted.

As many of you will know from previous queries on our Facebook page, we only had one part of the estate adopted. This was Jefferson Way from Banner Lane as a straight line to the Massey Sports Club on Summerhill Lane.

Since July 2018, a member of the Residents Association has been in regular contact with Persimmon to keep up the pressure and continually checking in on progress. The pandemic did delay matters but we still pushed for the adoption of the estate. It has taken numerous emails to get to where we are now.

There are still a few issues to be resolved around conveyancing. Once these are resolved it should not be much longer in finally having the roads adopted and handed over to Coventry City Council. What will happen after that is up to the Council in terms of the roads.

Therefore, if you know of any Estate Maintenance issues that we need Persimmon Homes to resolve prior to that handover, now is the time to log them on our Estate Maintenance Reporting form. We use this to collate a list of issues and send on to Persimmon Customer Services.

We are aware of some lights out (corner of Williamsbridge and one corner of Madin Close, a light above the Pedestrian / Cycling sign at the Jefferson Way end of the walk through from Madison Close), bollard issues on Williamsbridge and one at an angle opposite Baychester Road. Some of these have already been reported.

If you know of any more issues, please ensure you log them as soon as possible (using the link above) so that Persimmon Homes can rectify where needed. Some of the issues may be down to Greenbelt to resolve for those on the Northern side.

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