The residents association have been made aware that leaflets are being posted on cars in the Venue car park area which are accusing the users of parking in the visitors bays inappropriately. The leaflet shows both the residents association and Whitefriars Housing Group logos.

Both the Residents Association and Whitefriars Housing Group have not given permission for their logos to be used in this way and have no association with these leaflets.

 We are aware that there are currently parking and subsequent safety issues around Monticello Way, Endicott and Mohawk Bend in particular, along with other areas across the estate. We are in discussion with the local councillors, the planning authority and emergency Services with regard to this and will keep everyone updated

Members of the Bannerbrook Residents Association met representatives from Persimmon on Wednesday 27th August 2014.

Feedback from this meeting can be seen by clicking the link on the right.

Planning application for the last remaining empty commercial plot on Gremacy Park has been refused for the use as a car rental business.                                                              Please click the link to the right to view more information on this.

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