Greenbelt – Detailed Bill

Please note this is only for those on the Northern side of the estate who have to pay a charge to Greenbelt.

As the Maintenance Charge is due to be paid to Greenbelt before 28th October 2019, the advice is as per last year (see below). Pay under protest and in instalments.

The charge is £103.71 though if you pay online you get a discount of £2.40 bringing the cost down to £101.31 (slight increase on last year).

Once again the admin charge of £54.00 for each household makes up 52% of the actual bill. £49.71 makes up the remainder of the bill which includes £11.59 covering Tax date to correction, Account Filing and Company Secretarial and AGM services. £19 is taken up in Search Fees. So really only £19.12 is actual maintenance costs believe it or not.

An amount of £19,008 is therefore collected just in Admin charges alone based on the 352 properties previously mentioned.

If you take the actual maintenance cost above that equates to £6723.20. £36,505.92 is the total that we have to pay Greenbelt across all properties which means the cost of the estate is roughly 18.4% of your total bill.

You might want to follow the Home Owners Rights Network for more updates on what is going on with Estate Management Charges.

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