Which roads are adopted on the estate?

As some of you will know, there are a handful of roads that are adopted / partially adopted. We have had some queries regarding this so thought it was useful to add what we know.

Our understanding is that if you draw a line from Banner Lane to Masseys Sports Ground, that covers Jefferson Way, Pelham Bend and Summerhill Lane.

Jefferson Way turns right before Pelham Bend, but the adoption only goes as far as number 3 and 36 on either side of the junction.

The above image shows Jefferson Way from Banner Lane across the roundabout, past Mohawk Bend (looking at the picture above right to left).

The image below shows the end of Jefferson Way by number 36 (and 3 directly across from it), Pelham Bend to the junction with Summerhill Lane and then Summerhill Lane itself.

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