Fibre Update – Northern Side – PLEASE READ

You may recall that we mentioned at the start of the month not to upgrade your broadband and jump into a new contract, if you lived on the Northern Side of the estate.

The reason for this was the promise of Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) being rolled out to the remainder of the Northern Side, from Baychester, down Astoria Drive to the last houses before the Broad Lane junction. The target date was end of March 2019.

For all of those residents who have been on a slow broadband connection, who struggled to work from home on a less than adequate standard broadband line, those who struggle with speed when the kids are on their gaming consoles and no doubt other reasons for slow broadband, we are delighted and happy to announce that you may order FTTP now!

Please go to the OpenReach Home and Business Checker. You should now be able to order FTTP and upgrade to a much faster broadband line!

If you can great, if not let us know at

We are very grateful for the assistance of OpenReach in enabling and providing this faster broadband service to us.

The Northern side of Bannerbrook Park was in the last 2% of Coventry residents who could not get more than 30Mb broadband. Well now you can! It has been a long journey of around 18 months to push our case for faster broadband.

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