Roadworks – 1st April – 13th April 2019

Over the period 1st April to 13th April 2019, Western Power will be installing a new High Voltage cable down Astoria Drive (approximately 305m). These roadworks that may cause disruption to residents.

The roadworks (especially on Astoria Drive / Madin Close / Delta Close) will impact on parking in that area so we would advise residents to park on their drives where they can.

Astoria Drive / Delta Close / Madin Close

The area affected is from the sub station adjacent to 82 Astoria Drive and connected down to the junction with Delta and Madin Close down Astoria Drive.

Multi way signals will be in operation affecting those on Madin / Delta Closes.

Hockley Lane / Broad Lane / Back Lane

Additionally, there are roadworks due on Hockey Lane / Broad Lane junction to Back Lane which may cause morning and evening disruption.

These are scheduled from 15th April until 10th May, first on Broad Lane and then on Back Lane junction with Broad Lane.

All of the above works are connected.

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