OpenReach and the FTTP Rollout – Northern Side of the Estate

Back in mid November 2018, we let you know that we had succeeded in getting Openreach to speed up their rollout plans for FTTP access to those who live on the Northern side of the estate (beyond Baychester and down to Broad Lane). You can read more about this here.

From an Openreach perspective, we have kept in close contact with the engineers and so far the planning stage has gone well. We had asked them to ensure that all houses on the Northern side were covered as it appeared pockets of houses were missed from the shops to Baychester. No idea why, but Openreach are ensuring they are covered.

We understand the actual build phase should start sometime this month. That is not to say that is the end of this as Openreach will still need to ensure the configuration at their end is completed. To keep up to speed on this follow Home and Business link and once you know you can receive FTTP, you can place an order with one of the providers.

There are a limited set of providers of FTTP, so please check this before signing up. They can be found on the Home and Business page once you have access.

We are currently at the In Scope stage:

Your area is currently in our plans to be upgraded with Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), however we follow a different design and build process for FTTP so you won’t see updates at each stage. Once the engineering work is completed there is a commissioning period of up to eight weeks before an order can be placed. When you are able to place an order you will see the Accepting Orders message.

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