BBC Watchdog – New build homes not fire safe!

If you do not have access to BannerChat or are a member of the Home Owners Rights Network (HorNET), then you may not have seen this article on the BBC Website, entitled “‘New-build homes not fire safe’, BBC investigation finds” that has been talked about this morning.

BBC Watchdog found that new houses developed by either Persimmon Homes or Bellway Homes have potentially dangerous fire safety issues.

Designed to inhibit the spread of fire, new-builds were allegedly sold with missing fire barriers or were incorrectly installed. Lack of fire barriers can be a contributing factor in the spread of a fire.

One of the areas mentioned in the article is the flats at Philmont Court on our estate, which included missing fire barriers claims the report.

So if you watch to watch this then it is on Watchdog BBC1 tonight at 8pm.

For more information on the Home Owners Rights Network, check out their website. Search Home Owners Rights Network on Facebook to join the group.

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