Update – Fibre Broadband Success – November 2017

For some time now, we have been monitoring the availability of what is best described as Superfast Broadband. We thought we might get Virgin Media, but that has gone by the wayside with Persimmon and the Council being locked in “adoption” of our roads (including those on the older southern side of the estate).

For those that have been following us, we were also keeping an eye on Coventry Solihull and Warwickshire broadband (aka CSW Broadband). This is an initiative to ensure that we, as in those without any fibre connection, could eventually get access to fibre through various “contracts”. Through an Open Market Review by CSW Broadband in November 2016, the BRA noticed that the street mapping excluded a significant number of properties on the northern part of the estate. The majority of missing houses were on Phase 8 and Phase 9, but also included Williamsbridge and Massey Close. Tendering took place and as of October 2017, the locations have not been announced however we were expecting to be included on this with timescales up to 2019.

However, as some of you will have seen on Bannerwatch, there is some good news on the horizon! OpenReach have been on the estate over the last few weeks installing the fibre cabling to your front door.  The intention is that all properties on the newer northern side will be enabled to receive fibre, where possible. OpenReach did mention that some houses may be blocked in terms of the cabling, but you will be notified if this is the case.

From what we have ascertained we are connected to a box near the new roundabout at Broad Lane/Banner Lane which may or may not be routed via Cabinet 48 outside The Penny Farthing. There is still more work to do before “orders will be accepted” so it is looking likely that the northern part of the estate will have access to Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) early next year. That means it is just over 48 days until next year so do keep an eye out on the following website: https://www.homeandbusiness.openreach.co.uk/fibre-broadband/when-can-i-get-fibre.

NOTE: Some of you who enter your postcode will see “We are exploring solutions”. Do not be alarmed by this. As it says on the OpenReach website, fibre follows a different installation path so you will not see it move through the normal broadband journey, therefore check back regularly. Then once you see “SuperFast Accepting Orders”, speak to your current Internet Services Provider or shop around for the best deal!


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