Who are Greenbelt?

Greenbelt are the Management Company who provide a sustainable model for the long-term management of open space land on new residential developments.

Who has to pay the Annual Management Charge?

If you purchased a property on the Northern Side of Linear Park (newest side of the estate), you should be aware of the Maintenance Charge that needs to be paid annually to a company called Greenbelt.

What is the Annual Management Charge?

The Annual Management Charge is the amount of money each homeowner pays towards the cost of managing and maintaining Bannerbrook Park’s open spaces and features. This is issued by Greenbelt to each homeowner at the start of the billing year, normally September.

Residents Association’s Involvement

Over the last few years, the Bannerbrook Residents Association have been in contact with Greenbelt directly to dispute the land we are paying the upkeep for, miscellaneous charges and querying the schedules of work completed.

It we do not contest these now and accept ownership, there are no laws capping what future maintenance charges could eventually spiral to, thus potentially impacting the value of our properties and saleability in the future.

What do we pay for?

The map below shows the dark brown areas (land near Broad Lane opposite the Massey Ferguson Social Club and the land bordering the Bestway factory) which are managed by Greenbelt.

The strip of land covering 1/3 of Linear Park is maintained by Coventry City Council, but managed by Greenbelt. The light green areas are indicated as areas to be managed by Greenbelt, however the land is blocked off at either end from what we are aware of.


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