It has come to our attention that a vehicle has been left with a formal letter purporting to be from the Bannerbrook Residents Association. The vehicle has also been keyed down the one side, which is despicable behaviour for someone parking safely, considerately and not blocking anyone in. We will not tolerate behaviour like this on the estate. We are currently investigating the matter. Anyone found to have been involved will be reported to the relevant authorities.

We know parking can be a nightmare on the estate and would ask that residents park considerately and in a safe place especially over the Christmas period when a lot of residents will be at home. This goes for the whole of the estate so the following are not acceptable:

  • Parking on grass verges
  • Parking on bends
  • Parking over pedestrian crossing areas
  • Not leaving enough space for an emergency vehicle to pass
  • Blocking pavements so pushchairs cannot pass
  • Not giving clear sight to vehicles leaving a junction

And yes this does not mean parking within 10m of a junction without traffic lights (ref to Highway Code). For reference the estates roads are not yet adopted but are planning to be in 2019.

We have not sent any formal letters out with regard to parking, other than communications via our newsletter or Facebook page. So if you have received a note, please let us know as soon as possible by Direct Message only on Facebook. We will continue to investigate the matter.

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