DNA Marking Kits

West Midlands Police have been in contact with us and asked us to pass on some information regarding DNA kits that they available for households which enable you to mark up valuables you may have around the house with your own unique code, so that if anything is stolen from you and later recovered by the police, they are able to return it to you.

The packs are small tubs like nail varnish and using a cotton bud like stick you can paint it onto your valuables in a discreet place.

In these tubs are lots of small silver dots in a clear liquid and contained in these will be a code.

This code will be on removable label on the tubs which you will attach to a form with your contact details and then send it off.

If you are interested in receiving one of these kits, please email us with your name and address. Depending on the number of responses, we will either forward your details onto the police for them to arrange delivery, or we may arrange some other way of getting these to you.

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