Watch your car keys!

Over the last 6 months, we have seen cars being stolen not just on Bannerbrook Park, but also the local area. On 31st May 2018, 3 people were seen acting suspiciously in Massey Close with a scanner. Next time it could be your car! So be alert, be aware and remember to keep valuables in your home, not in your car and certainly not on view through your windows!

This page on Birmingham Live shows which cars are most susceptible to the car key relay theft like that seen in Solihull late last year (Nov 2017). This appears to be quite a long list. So what can you do to protect yourself, well here are a few hints and tips courtesy of Birmingham Live.

1. Check with your car manufacturer that your key has the latest software updates (Only available for some manufacturers)

2. Keep your key safe at home – This is critical really, so keep your key away from windows, walls and doors as this will make it tougher for the signal to be collected from a thief outside.

3. Keep your key in an RFID case – RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is the personal frequency your key and car use to communicate. This is also the wave that would be thieves will attempt to clone and thus open your car in around 40 seconds. Yes it can be gone in under a minute.

Having a key pouch with RFID technology will block any attempts of the frequency getting out – meaning it will only work when you take it out.

Just search for “RFID key pouch” on Google. Faraday pouches are reportedly supposed to work where you pop your key inside the pouch.

4. Switch your key off (Only available on some keys)  If you can turn your key off, get into the habit of doing so.

5. Be aware of suspicious activity  If you see someone or a small group of people in your area acting suspicious – they could be scouting for transmissions – you can contact police on 101 to report their behaviour.

6. Consider a tracker – Purchasing an aftermarket Thatcham approved tracker for your car will make it easier for police to trace it if it is stolen.

7. Invest in some old-school locks – A wheel, gear stick or pedal lock will always take some time for thieves to try and break, even if they do get into your car using the relay frequency theft. The more layers of security the harder it will be for the thieves to take your car!

8. When you lock the car, check it is physically locked – Simple to do and gives piece of mind.

Please note: The content of this article is only to advise you. Should to wish to implement any advice, you do so at your own risk. Please ensure you follow the law at all times.


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