UPDATE – Ultrafast Broadband News – March 2018

Based on BannerChat feedback earlier today from some of our residents (Chris & Mark – thank you), we have put together a status update for you which is based on 15 mins of checking random houses in our postcodes.

Please check your postcode below, but be aware there are some anomalies when you check your own address. To check your own property, click here. If you do have Ultrafast Accepting Orders  then follow this OpenReach page to the designated FTTP suppliers. Not all providers offer FTTP.

As an indication of speed, ZEN have 330Mb download and 50Mb upload (but you will pay £77 a month for it). Remember always read the small print.

Postcode Street Ultrafast Fibre Broadband Available
CV4 9FA Delta Close No
CV4 9GF Baychester Yes
CV4 9GQ Massey Close Yes
CV4 9GY Madin Close No
CV4 9SU Astoria Drive (83 onwards) No
CV4 9TL Ferguson Close Yes, but check exact address (eg 2 is connected but 1 and 3 are not connected)
CV4 9US Centora Walk No
CV4 9WR Auburndale Avenue Yes, but check exact address
CV4 9ZG Steinway Yes, but check exact address (eg 25, 65 and 68 has but 1 and 2 does not)
CV4 9ZH Morrisania Close Yes, but check exact address (2,4 and 6 are, 8 is not)
CV4 9ZW Bellerose Close No
CV4 9ZX Williamsbridge Yes, but check exact address ( Odds not connected, evens are)
CV4 9ZY Astoria Drive (Up to 80) Yes to house number 80
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