Reporting Estate Issues – Street Lighting

Looking through what has been reported there appear to be a number of street lights that are out or need maintenance. These are the ones we are aware of:

Jefferson WayNo. 2404/02/2019
Manhattan Way (around green)No. 3,6,7, 24 and 2604/02/2019
Monticello Way – Linear ParkP411/02/2019
Madin Close – Entrance?11/02/2019
Astoria Drive – needs repainting?17/02/2019

We believe there are further street lights out down Astoria Drive by where the Charles Church houses were built. If anyone knows the numbers, please log it here. We think 3 of them are out at this time.

Reporting street lights that are out will help in the fight against crime around our estate making would be burglars visible in places where they might get away with something.

If you see any lights out, please report it before it is too late.

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