Home Owners Rights Network – Estate Maintenance Fees Survey

For those following the latest developments with the Home Owners Rights Network and Helen Goodman’s Ten Minute Bill on 14th November, we have a survey for you to complete. For those who don’t know the Home Owners Rights Network are campaigning to remove all maintenance fees on estates like ours with the help of Helen Goodman MP for Bishop Auckland.

Helen Goodman is interested in hearing from affected households (originally just her constituents) about their experiences with Estate Maintenance Fees. On Wednesday 14th November, Helen presented a Ten Minute Rule Bill in Parliament to try and stop uncapped and unfair fees charged to homeowners for the upkeep of communal areas. You can read more about this issue here.

The survey can be found here.

A follow up and second reading is due on 25th January 2019. We have the backing of our MP for Coventry Northwest, Geoffrey Robinson, however due to a minor operation he was unable to attend Parliament that day.

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