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Litter Pick Saturday 26th September

A litter pick of the estate and surrounding areas recently by residents from the estate and local area. Everybody seemed to have a good time and the weather was good. Well done to all for a fantastic job and thanks to the local businesses for supplying much needed refreshments throughout the day.






Theft from vehicles

The Police have advised the residents association there have been a spate of theft from motor vehicles in the area over the past few weeks and are asking for vehicle owners to ensure that nothing of value is left on display in their cars.

In a recent check by police, they found that people are leaving their vehicles unlocked and making it very easy for items to go missing.

Dog Fouling!

There have been a number of complaints about an increase in dog fouling across the estate. Coventry City Council have issued a direct hot line number and email address to report anyone who is seen to allow their dog to foul without clearing it up.

The details are as follows:

Call Direct 0500 834 333. Email

Please park considerately!

There have been a number of complaints about inconsiderate parking by residents and visitors to the estate, including evidence of dangerous parking (i.e. on corners / bends in the road) and even blocking other residents driveways.

Where possible residents should use their garages and drives in order to keep the roads clear for emergency vehicles to get around the estate.

If anyone is concerned about any parking issues, they should call the Police on 101 (non emergency contact number). The more instances of dangerous parking reported, the higher the issue on the police agenda, and the more likely that they will take action.

Planning and License application for a Public house on Bannerbrook Park

Local Councilors and representatives from the Bannerbrook Residents Association (B.R.A) attended the Licensing Sub Committee meeting on Tuesday 27th November and  were registered to be able to speak as objectors to the application specifically with regard to the opening hours requested and to a number of other restrictions that we wished to be imposed on the license. The meeting commenced at 10.00am and concluded at 2.30pm.

The Committee granted the license but reduced the opening hours as follows:

Sunday – Thursday          11.30pm               with closure at 12.00am

Friday – Saturday             12.30pm               with closure at 1.00am

New Years eve will be an exception with opening until 2.00am with no entry or re-entry after midnight.

There will be no outside music allowed outside at any time.

There will be no drinking or eating outside after 11.00pm ( smoking will be allowed ).

All internal music will have a “ noise limiting device” applied after 11.00pm restricting music volume.

Should regulated entertainment take place at the premises , all windows shall remain closed during that entertainment.

All doors shall remain closed at all time except to allow entry and exit with automatic closures fitted.

Glass bottles shall not be emptied into the receptacles in the service yard between the hours of 9.00pm and 9.00am.

All staff shall receive appropriate instruction in respect of the conditions on the license.

All deliveries will be between 7.30am and 6.30pm. It is anticipated that there will be only one dray delivery per week and 2 -3 food deliveries per week.

There will be no TV screens or sports events inside the pub.

CCTV cameras will be installed outside in liaison with the Police, to cover the main parking area around the shops in particular. CCTV will operate internally.

There were also a number of conditions which had been negotiated between the applicant and the police, and between the applicant and the environmental protection (noise) officers.  These covered issues around CCTV inside the premises (strengthened by committee to include external areas as well), proof of age policies, refusals book, and volume restrictions on live and recorded music.

Confirmation of the full details will be supplied within 7 days.

There was also a provision that the Police are to liaise with B.R.A. for adequate policing on the development.

We had wished for 11.00pm licensing but It was felt that we did get a result in that the licensing hours granted are shorter than all the other local pubs in the area so there should be no migration of people from other areas to use the pub as a late night drinking option and there will be no TV’s in the premises. The significant noise restrictions were also a substantial step in the right direction.

I believe that the Licensing Committee recognised the impact that an uncontrolled pub or a “drinking pub” would have on the residents and acted accordingly within their remit. From a case precedent called Thwaites law the Licensing Authority have to be seen to be acting proportionately to any restrictions they may place on the applicants. To apply a licensing time of 11.00pm would of probably be deemed disproportionate and would of been challenged by appeal.

We know that not everyone will be happy with the outcome, some wanted no license to be granted, but we have pursued the best outcome possible in the circumstances.

There is still the Planning Committee application to come and there may be certain restrictions or conditions applied to this also, if planning is accepted. Parking has certainly been laid at the door of planning by the Licensing Committee.

What will be provided will hopefully be closer to acceptance as a Family Friendly Food Pub.

Meeting with Persimmon Homes:-

Thank you to everyone who contacted the Residents Association with their views on the development of the Bannerbrook estate. All comments were passed onto Persimmon and positive actions have already begun to take place. Key outcomes and information from the meeting are as folllows:-

  • Roads and Pavements – The traffic calming “pinch” on Jefferson way should be completed by the end of November.
  • Road Design and Safety – The roads and junctions on the estate, including the traffic calming measures have all been delivered to design requirements imposed by the Council. A final safety audit should be completed by Christmas.
  • Road Adoption – The adoption process generally takes significant time. The Residents Association plan to work with Persimmon and the local councillors to try to speed up this process for the Bannerbrook estate.
  • Lighting – The lighting in the park should all be completed and working by Christmas.
  • Drainage Pool – The “Ground Depression” on the park is a successful technique used elsewhere to improve drainage. Once completed and connected to the drainage system there should not be any standing water in the depression. It may be a little muddy at the bottom, but should not pose a safety hazard.
  • Park Landscaping – Persimmon will be carrying out work to apply a new top dressing at the top end of the park, seed the bare soil and replace dead trees and shrubs during the winter period.
  • Dog Waste bins – These have been ordered and should appear on the site in the next few weeks.

For ongoing maintenance of lighting and other infrastructure issues prior to the adoption of the roads, please call Persimmon Customer Care on 01527 851200.